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About the Kono language

Kono, also known s Konnoh, is a language of Sierra Leone with over 295,000 users in the Eastern province: west and central Kona district; Northern province: Koinadugu district, south of Bagbe river.

Dialects include; Northern Kono (Sando), Central Kono (Fiama, Gbane, Gbane Kando, Gbense, Gorama Kono, Kamara, Lei, Mafindo, Nimi Koro, Nimi Yama, Penguia, Soa, Tankoro, Toli). Not intelligible with Vai [vai]. Dialects have minor differences.

God’s Word Comes to the Kono People!

Leaders danced in the street to the energetic beat of drums. A parade marched through town. Were the Kono people welcoming a new chief? No, they were welcoming the arrival of the Kono New Testaments! At the ceremony, choirs sang enthusiastically, and hours of speeches were given along with many, many thanks. The long journey to bring God’s Word to the Kono people was finally over! The Kono, who number around 190,000, live in the eastern hill country of Sierra Leone. They are mainly farmers, growing rice, cassava, and many other fruits and vegetables. Some Kono mine diamonds. Most Konos are animists who believe they must go through their ancestral spirits to reach God. They also believe there are many witches and evil spirits at work in their lives who must be appeased or guarded against.

To a Kono, everything has a spiritual cause. Their lives have been controlled by fear. Parents put charms around their young children’s waists for protection from evil. Sacrifices are offered in the fields to protect crops. Amulets are hung in doorways to prevent witches from entering. Yet all these things fail. Fear remains. Now is the time for freedom! Now, for the first time, Kono men, women and children can hold in their hands the Word of God—the Kono New Testament. God now speaks their language. Jesus has set the Konos free from the power of the devil, and they can experience freedom from fear. The New Testament was launched in June, 2008

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